Finding the Right Person

I realize that this post would have been better suited for National Coming Out Day, but at least it will be fashionably late. As I have migrated my way through health issues over the last few months, I have realized just how lucky I am. Of course I would rather bot be diabetic and have COPD, but life is not always what he want.

One thing that really makes me lucky is Hal. It had been nearly 21 years since we first met, and here we are, still together and stronger than ever. I thank my stars every day for Hal, because there are so many shallow people in this world who would rather go looking for someone new when things go wrong, as in my case with my health.

I spent my entire life trying to find the right person to share it with. I knew that I found that person in Hal, but I was always unsure about receiving unconditional love. I was taught to make every effort to keep a relationship together, but I was never taught how to accept that live from someone else.

In the last few months, Hal has shown me more love than I ever imagined possible. When I feel that I am a burden, he always reassures me and helps me with whatever I need. I cannot take advantage of him, and I feel guilt at no longer being at my best. Hal doesn't care, he loves me for who I am, who I have been, and who I will be.

That makes Hal the Right Person. And it makes me the luckiest man in the world.