Second Career?

Sometimes I find myself disillusioned with my job. It happens more frequently now than it did in the past, but I still enjoy my job, most of the time. Even though that is the case, I still wonder what I will do when I finally retire? Will I want to work at something else to occupy my time?

I think about having the time to write more. Will that lead to something that I haven’t even thought of before? Anything is possible, and I do want to have as many options available to me as possible later on. I can say that I do NOT picture myself tapping on the laptop while sitting on the beach. I have no desire to live near the ocean at all.

Perhaps this blog will morph into something entirely different in the future. The thought has its level of appeal. As inticing as that idea sounds, I don’t know how realistic it is. I’ll leave it run the possibilities column for now.

Who knows? I can dream of a future that finds me sitting at a table in a sidewalk café pecking away at the keyboard and still dreaming of the future. The possibilities are endless.