Another Lifetime

Do you remember when we had no fear of going out? When we could go to a restaurant or a movie without wondering if we were placing ourselves in unnecessary danger? When wearing a mask was something that we never considered?

If you do, then you are old enough to know that the situation we find ourselves in today is the direct result of #AdolphTwitler and his refusal to follow the advice of scientists and doctors who actually know what they are doing.

Comparisons to the 1918 flu pandemic were inevitable. We thought that with all of the advances in medicine and technology, that the world would handle things so much better this time. Obviously, we were wrong in that assumption because stupidity is the most dangerous pandemic of all. For years, there has been a festering underclass who knowingly chose to ignore science. Most of the time, these people were considered harmless, or eccentrics that posed no threat to anyone.

Now, we have one of the "know-nothings" in charge of this country at the worst possible time. The response to this virus from our leaders has been to pray to the invisible non-existent sky-god and to pretend that the current pandemic doesn't exist. The ability of these people to ignore facts puts everyone in danger. The simple act of wearing a mask somehow signals tyranny to them, although I can find no rational reason to make that connection, other than their Dear Leader tells them so.

If we ever want to see a return to "normal" times, we have to start by removing total and complete idiots from positions of power, and send them back under whatever rocks they crawled out from under in the first place. That will be an important first step, but it will still be a long road to recovery. But we cannot start down that road until we stop listening to, and electing, these charlatans who rejoice in ignorance.

"Normal" seems like another lifetime. Let's get busy and fix the problems so we can look back to the present and it will be "another lifetime" that we NEVER want to repeat. 

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