No More Excuses

I am really upset with myself. My blogging has been non-existent for several weeks and I have to get out of this rut and start writing again, It's not as if there aren't topics to write about, I just cannot add anything useful to what has already been said by people far more intelligent than I am.

I know that things have been rough the last month. I was in the hospital, and am still recovering and adjusting to life after that event. I have used exhaustion as a convenient excuse for not writing, but that has to stop.

The situation at work will never improve, so that cannot be an excuse anymore. A job that I loved so much has turned awful this year, but at my age, a career change is too risky so I am stuck where I am for the foreseeable future.

I need to re-prioritize my life. I want to get back to my guitar and music. I want to enjoy more time with Hal and The Stooges. I need to keep writing to maintain my sanity. I need to enjoy life again.

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