Necessity vs Love

     Ever since I came home from the hospital I’ve tried to re-balance my life. Because I need oxygen on a daily basis, this has caused one conflict that really breaks my heart. 

     Jax The Cat cannot seem to learn that the plastic tubing is not a toy for him to play with. He will try to sneak in at night and start biting and clawing the tubing. He does this until I notice that my oxygen supply has stopped. Then I have to try and find the point/s in the tube where Jax punctured it and repair it with tape. That solution usually works for about a day, but then I have to replace the damaged tubing altogether. 

The current predicament is that whenever Jax shows up and displays the slightest interest in any oxygen tubing, he gets squirted with water, and runs out of the room. I hate treating Jax like that, but this is a serious issue and I have to teach him to leave my medical supplies alone. There is NO CHANCE that we’ll get rid of Jax. We love him too much, and I know things will get better, but right now is a trying time around here.

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