Writer’s Block

     Writer’s block is a nightmare. Like being stuck in quicksand and unable to free yourself or pull yourself out of the situation, struggling against it only makes it worse. 

     Ideas fly around you, just out of reach, but you can’t reach them because you’re trapped. The effort to get out of the quicksand is exhausting and never seems to produce any progress or reward. 

     Writing should be a joy, a means to communicate with the world around you, but at times like this, that seems impossible. You cannot see everyone else that is being crushed by writer’s block because your own perspective is warped by the writer’s block that directly affects you. 

     The only solution I have found is just to keep fighting. Eventually, I break free of the quicksand and start writing again. There’s no timetable and no guarantees that I won’t fall right back into the quicksand, but I just keep going. For every post I publish, there are at least three that were started and then abandoned. 

Overcoming writer’s block is just part of being a writer. Something that only the creative mind can understand on a deeper level. I’ll emerge from this stronger than before, I know.

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