Writer’s Block and Perspective

September is the month when we start to say goodbye to Summer and welcome to Autumn. This week feels like the transition period around here. When I saw the forecast for this evening, I was surprised. Lows in the 50s suddenly replace overnight lows in the 70s. The temperature change will be quite a shock to many, including myself. 

It also serves as a reminder that life, and time, go on regardless of what we desire. Each year we grow older and notice things more because we see time differently than we did when we were younger. Some would make a poetic remark about entering the Autumn of Life. I don’t think that is necessary. Even though I am older and just out of the hospital, I refuse to give up my desire to live. I just appreciate things more as time goes by.

I have written about Writer’s Block and what a struggle that is to overcome. I also wrote about perspectives and how we need to take time to stop and look at things from a different perspective to get a real understanding of things. I see these words, and I know that it is time to begin writing another post about perspectives. Everyday things cloud my vision, and I lose sight of the bigger picture. It is time to sit down and retake a good look at things.

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