I keep trying to find time to write, but things are still rather hectic around here. I got out of the hospital last Friday, and I am still trying to get caught up with things here as I resume work this week.

I am on oxygen here at home now and will be for the foreseeable future as I try to get my breathing back under control and my endurance. Going back to work has just added to the list of things that I am dealing with this week. Several times I have toyed with the idea of calling in again. Tempting as that sounds, it would only add to the problems later because I need to hold onto as much personal time as I can.

I am not getting exhausted as often as before, and that is a good thing. The shortness of breath is nowhere near as bad as it was before I went to the hospital. I still find myself tired at the strangest times, so I always have the oxygen nearby if I need a quick hit.

One advantage is that I have stopped vaping. It has been over a week since my last vape. I had Hal throw everything out while I was in the hospital, so I wouldn’t be tempted when I get back home. So far, the need to breathe has outweighed the need for a vape, and I believe that I have stopped for good.

The Stooges have been incredible since I got home. Hal The Cat has resumed his guard duty when I go to bed. He snuggles up to me and wakes me when he senses something is wrong. Jax will visit during the night, and Stevie Nicks checks on me during the day when she isn’t all over Hal (person).

I have been catching up with things since I got home. Hal (person) depends on me to get him around, so I am always making sure that he has all of his needs met before I surrender to exhaustion at the end of the day. I have to take him to the dentist after work this afternoon. It shouldn’t be a long visit since he is just having his new dentures checked for a proper fit. If he needs to go anywhere else, I will take him there as well.

I just wanted to get this entry written so I won’t feel the pressure of not writing anything. I will do my best to take time and compose something meaningful very soon.

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