Great News

I just got the best news! I was laying here in my hospital bed, basically wishing I could sleep more, when the night nurse told me that I’m going home today!!! Apparently, the extra day here was to make certain that a portable oxygen concentrator would be here for me to take home. That is worth the wait rather than lugging an oxygen tank home with me. When that piece of equipment is finally ready, I will be discharged, probably tomorrow afternoon.

I wish there was someone here, besides the nurse, to share the great news with. Hal is at home sleeping, and I’m not going to bother him right now. We’ll talk in a few hours anyway. I lol let him sleep. Hopefully, I can catch a little sleep before the wake up here starts the daily routine all over again.

Going Home Today?

I sincerely hope that tonight is my last night in the hospital. The shortness of breath seems to have been identified as COPD. The last round of tests proves was hard I’ll need some oxygen when I go home. The oxygen generator is up to the insurance company.

I was looking forward to being released yesterday, but apparently things are still being finalized, and I’m comfortable with that because I want everything all wrapped up when I do leave. I’ve been here since Monday, and Hal has visited every single day. What I really want is to be at home. Time will tell.