02 September-Looking Ahead

I’m slowly making my way through another day in the hospital. If things work out as planned, I might be going home tomorrow afternoon. I don’t want to jinx things, so I’ll just say that I’m hopeful. Today has been quiet, apparently all of the tests were done yesterday and today has basically involved me talking with doctors in between meals and naps.

There is one test that remains and that’s the stress test. I won’t have any caffeine after dinner until the stress test is complete. The only problem is that no one has any idea about when I’ll actually take the test. Who thinks of ideas like “Let’s give someone a stress test without allowing them any caffeine?” Obviously, that person is a Sadist.

I think that this is the quietest time since I’ve been in the hospital. It makes for a nice change, that’s for sure. I’m waiting patiently for Hal to visit later this afternoon or evening. I miss him more than I can ever truly say. Every visit from him is too short. I also miss The Stooges and want to hug them soon.

Without a doubt, the first thing I want to do after greeting everyone at home will be to take a nice, long, hot shower. I’m not able to shower here with all the sensors on my chest, and I feel awful and gross. It seems strange that something can’t be done to allow for a shower while I’m here. I’m not complaining much, everyone here has been wonderful to me since I walked in the door.

It seems like I’m definitely getting closer to a discharge tomorrow. I was just visited by one of the hospital case workers, and she gave me a list of the doctors who practice in conjunction with this hospital. This will make finding a new primary care physician much easier. I’ll let Hal know about the list as well when he gets here.

That about sums things up for me now. I’ll write more this evening or tomorrow.

Starting 02 September in the Hospital

I’m slowly getting used to the hospital routine. Having someone wake me up multiple times during the night when I finally succeed in going to sleep is my new normal routine. I completed my first full day in the hospital, and I’m not certain that there isn’t a point on my body that hasn’t been poked, prodded, or tested.

I’m not really complaining, just trying to record my memories and impressions of things as they speed past. I’m grateful that I’m not sedated to the point of not noticing anything around me, and also grateful for the care that I’m being given. I can’t say enough positive things about the staff here, they have been excellent to me all through this ordeal.

Im not sure what the second day of September has in store for me. The adventure continues. My shortness of breath is still somewhat of a mystery. Probable causes are being eliminated one by one as each new test is completed. Blood clots seem to have been ruled out as a cause. COPD is the newest front runner candidate as far as I know. I am still on oxygen, and it was also found that the blood pressure medication I’ve been taking was just plain ineffective. A change to that resulted in my blood pressure dropping 40 points back into the normal range.

I already told the doctors that I’m perfectly willing to change any other medication that I take in order to get things better.