August ends with me laying here in  a hospital bed facing days worth of tests to determine why I’m suffering from oxygen deprivation. I’ve been short of breath for a few days and knew that something had to be done to correct the problem. 

     I woke up Monday morning after another night of mediocre sleep and immediately called work and let them know that I was not showing up today. I spoke with Hal and then I visited the local emergency clinic. Nothing was determined there except that my lungs were clear, my EKG was normal, but I was definitely  referred me to the emergency suffering from oxygen deprivation. The clinic referred me to the emergency room at the local hospital. 

     I drove to the hospital and checked myself in after another round of tests revealed exactly the same symptoms as the clinic had. The ER nurse and Doctor told me that I woul probably be in the hospital for at least Tuesday and Wednesday as well. 

I called Hal to give him the news, and then called a coworker to let the company know what was going on. Hal eventually made it to the hospital to visit me via Uber since he can’t drive any longer due to his vision.

At least the hospital food has improved remarkably. I really enjoyed my dinner of Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry, with a small salad and a bowl of tomato soup.

     Now I’m struggling to sleep in a strange place surrounded by noises and distractions. I’m giving in to the temptation and ordered a pain pill to help me relax since it’s after 2300 and I really want some sleep. 

     For those of you who might wonder, I have no family to inform regarding my condition. Those relatives I do know are hundreds of miles and millions of years of evolution apart from me. Hal and The Stooges are my family, they are all that I need and care about. I know that they will never let me down. 

And so, August ends with me laying here, typing on my iPhone to keep my sanity awake and alive for the rest of the night. Tomorrow will be September, and perhaps the secrets about why I’m here will start to be revealed.

4 thoughts on “Hospitals

  1. Oof, that sounds like a bad time. I’ve spent quite a few nights in the hospital, and I can agree it’s damned hard to get restful sleep there (even though that’s exactly where you need the damn rest).

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and that you get to the bottom of the problem soon!

  2. You have online family — ME! So sorry to hear about your medical issue, and hope that the reason will be found. Did they check for a blood clot or clots? Keep your chin up.

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