Unsettled On The Job

    Right now, I am extremely tired and disenchanted with my job. I have been dealing with anonymous complaints about some of the presentations I conduct for some time. I have my suspicions about who the person is, and suffice it to say that they are high up in the company. So high up in fact that I wonder why they have the time to bitch and moan about my job.
    Since it does no good for me to complain to the person, I am left with the option of responding to whatever complaints they choose to mention each week. Of course, it would be absolutely awesome if they would give specifics about what they think is wrong, but that never happens. I am just left to try and piece together what someone means when they say something is “wrong” without clarification.

I find that I am more tired more often than I have ever been. This has to be connected to the job issues. Where I once loved my job, today it is nothing more than something that I have to do. The joy and passion are gone, and I cannot see them coming back. It is amazing how much feeling good about my job can be missed. I find myself counting the minutes and seconds until quitting time now.