The Dilemma of Sports in a Pandemic

Like everyone else, I long for a return to more “normal” times. I miss sports, but I have survived without them for months now. By far, the most important thing has been to combat the Corona-virus and get the disease under control. Sadly, we are failing on that count due to politics and rampant stupidity. Parts of the country lacked the self-discipline to endure the necessary restrictions to combat the virus, and now everyone is paying the price for their ignorance.
We have no leadership, just a DumbShitOrangeNazi in the White House who in controlled by Moscow. The blithering idiot has allowed nearly 150,000 Americans, and counting, to die from his lack of leadership. He refuses to take charge of the situation, but he is responsible for it.
We lack credible testing even after nearly 6 months of this condition. Tests that might be valid if processed in a timely manner are useless when the results take 1-2 weeks to come back. While more and more Americans become sick and die, the situation remains the same.
This brings me back to sports. There has been a concerted effort to get sports back up and running. This is far out of proportion to the benefits that sports actually creates for society. While millions of Americans cannot get proper testing, millionaire athletes are tested repeatedly and promptly. This is simply WRONG on all levels.
Honestly I don’t think that sports should return under those conditions. We can wait until the virus is controlled via vaccine, because I will see the silhouette of an anonymous victim every time I see an athlete playing a game at a time like this. An athlete’s life is worth no more than anyone else’s.

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