There are few things as boring as waiting for your car the be serviced at the dealer. The very thought of it remind me of other ghastly necessities of life, such as trips to my dentist, or doing your taxes. Regardless, I find myself wasting a few perfectly beautiful Saturday morning waiting on my car at the dealer while observing the social distancing necessities and also wearing my mask. Thankfully, almost everyone is complying with best practices, although there was another Father with a young son and neither of them wearing masks.

I woke up earlier today with a baby migraine pounding away at the inside of my skull, and I know that a part of the birth of this little monster was the knowledge that I was going to be at the dealer and it’s my car this morning. Thankfully, I have one of those services agreements that covers most expenses, and the real reason for being here is nothing more serious than an oil change. Nevertheless, there will still be the service advisor frantically tracking me down with the dreadful news that something “unexpected” has come up and that my free service has suddenly escalated into a major problem spake with the corresponding astronomical price tag. For some reason, it was a miracle that I even got to threaded at all this morning, driving such a death trap. I’ve heard this all before. I just want the oil change completed so I can be on my way.

I have to admit my surprise when I was NOT subjected to the scenario I listed above. There was no litany of charges claiming neglect for my car, and because of my service plan, I was on my way without paying a single penny. I proceeded to the grocery store and picked up the ingredients for more homemade mashed potatoes (potatoes, sour cream, milk, butter, and some green onions), so I can make more tomorrow. I’m home now, feeling much better to be with Hal and the Stooges for the rest of the day. I’ll put in some practice time on my guitar later and just enjoy a beautiful Saturday after a rushed start.