Things To Come

    Each day, we see new record cases of COVID-19 here in the United States and we just shrug our collective shoulders and act like the problem doesn’t exist anymore. The refusal to accept reality should be surprising, but it isn’t, not anymore.    As most of the world has taken the necessary, and often, painful steps to combat the pandemic, the United States has resisted making the truly tough choices because of greed. When other countries decided that life was more important than money, they reacted with determination and resolution to get the pandemic under control.    There was no sacrifice too great. Nations closed down except for essential services. The US attempted to act , but “essential services” to us meant we still had to have our fast food and our Walmarts open.    Other nations mandated the wearing of masks. Not the good old USA, no sir. We won’t be told that we must do anything because that infringes in our freedom! This insane response is uniquely American. It reminds me of another issue where the obsession with “freedom” at the expense of actual liberty puts thousands of lives at risk.    We are treating COVID-19 and the pandemic the same way we treat gun violence. Just accept the losses and move on rather than even attempt to solve the problem in the first place! Every year we tolerate the loss of tens of thousands of American lives so some people can have their precious guns. Apparently, we will now tolerate the loss of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of American lives just so some people won’t have to wear a GOD DAMN MASK or practice social distancing because COVID-19 is a hoax that somehow only they are smart enough to recognize.
    We never need fear another country taking us over, we will fall because of our own FUCKING IGNORANCE!! Guns and COVID-19 will be the new acceptable losses we will endure as long as we listen to stupid people in the first place!