A Breakthrough??

I managed to get some sleep last night. I also was taking detailed notes about how I was feeling and what my BG readings were. I woke up in the middle of the night once again with low BG and feeling like crap. This morning I went through my notes and I have decided to adjust my medication level downward to see if that will prevent the low BG from happening again. I don’t mess with my dosages very often, and only if it seems to be the last resort. Today is one of those times. I will see what happens tonight, and if things improve I will keep the new dosage. If I still wake up with low BG I will lower the dose more the following night before bedtime.     

I hope that my migraines are done for a long time. I spent the weekend fighting them off on both days, not the way I wanted to spend my weekend, to be sure. I think that my discovery and plan to adjust my medication dosage might go a long way towards solving the problem. I certainly hope so. 

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