Ignorance is Killing Us – Part 1 – Pandemic

    Every day, we read more about how the glorification if ignorance, in fact, pride in ignorance, is killing us. The refusal to acknowledge that we are still in the midst of a pandemic seems an alien idea to so many people. I fine it impossible how leaders and everyday people can simply ignore the facts and try to pretend that nothing is going on. They want to believe that the pandemic is over, and that everything can go back to normal.    The tragic mistake is that this pandemic is far from over. In some frantic rush to “reopen” everything, elected leaders, mostly republiKKKans, have thrown public health, scientific data, and common sense out of the window. Even the proven preventative measures of social distancing and wearing a mask are now seen as political issues rather than public health issues.
    The number of COVID cases continues to rise, especially in the more socially and politically conservative areas of the nation, but there is no alarm among those people. In fact, they will grab their guns (as if a gun will protect them from the virus) and demand that their “rights” supersede those of everyone else. They feel that wearing a mask is an affront to their liberty, when in fact, it is a proven means of protecting their lives, and the lives of those around them.
    Every time that Hal and I go to the grocery store, we are amazed at how many people simply do not wear masks at all. Especially disturbing are the parents who refuse to wear masks and also do not have their children wear them. As an adult, the parent has the “right” to gamble with their own health, but these people are willing to play with the children’s health as well.
    There is a total lack of leadership in this country as the #DumbShitOrangeNazi prepares to hold more of his Nazi rallies, blatantly ignoring the advice of public health experts, but at the same time, forcing his sycophantic followers to sign away their own rights to legal recourse should they contract COVID-19 as a result of attending these rallies and inhaling the aroma of hate and ignorance.
    Public health experts try to alert us that this pandemic is only in its early phase right now, but too many people simply don’t want to listen. As a result, the predicted of fatalities continues to rise. In other countries where science is the leading factor, rather than succumbing to ignorance, there is real progress in reducing the pandemic among their populations. Sadly, we are ruled by people who worship ignorance, and it is killing us.

8 thoughts on “Ignorance is Killing Us – Part 1 – Pandemic

  1. If masks and gloves protected everyone from sickness…sickness would not exist. Why not just tell people to build up their immunity and keep good hygiene?

    1. Encouraging people to be healthy is always a good thing, but when there are prophylactic measures that can be taken to lessen the impact of something like the Coronavirus, it seems rather unwise to ignore those suggestions.

      1. Why are there no measures or instructions to help boost immune systems?

      2. I don’t have the answer to that question. It sounds like a great idea for those items to be included along with the wash hands, social distance, and wear mask instructions. But remember that there are those with compromised/weakened immune systems as well. I suppose, if I had to guess why your suggestions weren’t included, that the writers must have guessed (correctly or incorrectly) that people already knew those procedures.

      3. No diss but that’s naive to think…look at the rates of heart disease, obesity, cancer, and high blood pressure in America…..there’s no reason anyone should believe that to be true that people are well educated on boosting their immune systems. Hell, they’re spending millions upon millions just telling people to wash their hands.

      4. Not to diss, either but it’s just as naive to ignore the advice that is offered by health and medical professionals on how best to try to protect yourself and others from COVUD-19

      5. True…it may to naive to ignore it…..but what is it, not to question their advice?

      6. We agree on so much. It will be difficult to have a really negative disagreement. Question everything, that’s what my parents taught me, so I understand where you’re coming from. Whenever we speak our truths, we often find we have so much more in common than either of us might have suspected before. I think we’ve arrived at the same point from different directions, so let’s learn from each other and move forward.

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