We Have Failed

To the greatest generation, the ones who fought and conquered Nazis and Fascists, who sacrificed everything to defend this nation, I apologize. Myself and this generation were not strong enough to stand up to and repel a home-grown American Nazism known as the republiKKKan party. I remember my parents, who were a part of that greatest generation telling me that things here began showing signs of danger as far back as the mid 1960s. Not because of the counter-culture, but because of the rise of the Goldwater republiKKKans. In later years even Goldwater himself would regret ever the alliance with religious lunatics, but the damage was done.

For the next 50 years, the US would be on a slow descent into Nazism and Fascism. Our liberties were eroded slowly. We were offered bread and circuses in place of our freedoms, and we gladly accepted the trade. We neglected those among us who were hurt or abused by the system. We hardened our hearts to anything that wasn’t strictly self-pleasure focused. We watched numbly as the American Nazis slowly advanced, always thinking that we were stronger than they were, and that we could easily defeat them if necessary.

We ignored the corruption of our schools from places of learning into indoctrination centers for the coming change. Questioning authority as a right was frowned upon at first, then discouraged and finally outlawed. Dissent went from a right to something to be crushed, just like Nazis always try to crush things that oppose them.

We even allowed a Nazi to sit in the White House, and here I am today writing this apology to my parents and to the rest of the greatest generation for failing to protect what they fought and died for.

I’m sorry.

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