Will We Ever Agree On Anything Again?

 Every day we see more stories about how we Americans are increasingly growing apart over the most basic things. With a pandemic raging, that fact is inescapable, and yet, very different narratives emerge from that fact. We Americans have become prisoners of our own ideologies and political identities.   

Fact: A pandemic is not a person, it does not have any characteristics and does not act with any conscience or motive. A pandemic is NOT out to take away your freedom. Taking collective responsibility to prevent the pandemic from becoming worse is more important that someone being able to get a haircut or a sit-down meal in a restaurant. Those are inconveniences. Your freedom does NOT include the right to transmit whatever disease you might have to those around you without concern for anyone but yourself.    Being asked to wear a mask and to practice social distancing is NOT an attack on your freedom. It is a way to combat the pandemic. Being told to stay your ass at home is the same thing. If those who refuse to listen to facts and science could all live on an island with their own kind, I would be all for it. Until then, don’t endanger others because you think that is your right.

It isn’t.

DDP Yoga Days 26-29

    I got so busy and tired that I neglected to make my daily entries about DDP Yoga. I have not stopped working out, but I have decided that I need to focus on getting more rest. Another factor is that because Phase 2 of the program is much longer per session so far, I don’t have time to work out in the morning and have to make time after work in the early evening. This is also the time when I am the most tired.
     Last night I finally forced myself to go to bed at around 2030. This is extremely early, but I know that I need to make this change to my routine so I can sleep better and longer each night. This change will also give me more energy and that in turn will make my workouts even better.