Quite a Mouthful

Today was a short day at work. I have to take Hal to the dentist because one of his denture plates broke and a wire was protruding into his mouth. Obviously, this was not a good situation because Hal could not eat last night, but he had the appointment set up for noon today.

The good news is that Hal is OK. The bad news is that he’ll need quite a bit of dental work over the next month or so. A big expense that we hadn’t planned for, but at least he has insurance to pay for a lot of it.

Giving In To Temptation

I finally broke down and re-joined Twitter this afternoon. I’m torn about how I feel. I promise myself that I’m not going to get back into the old routines that ruined the experience last time. I’m rationalizing that I can use Twitter to stay informed on the latest news, now I just have to keep that promise. It means that I’m not going to follow Dumbshit Orange Nazi’s Twitter feed. There is already far too much talk about that.

I just hope that my maturity has improved to me point where I can enjoy Twitter without falling into the vicious cycle of attacks that happened before.

Traditional media follows Republicans down bogus ‘Obamagate’ rat hole

Remember back in the Before Times when many people were very concerned about the fact that Russia helped get Donald Trump elected in 2016, and we also found out that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell helped make that happen by covering it up in…
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Lawsuit: ‘Botched’ search warrant wrongly issued results in Black woman killed by police in her home

Two months ago on March 13, another innocent person of color lost their life at the hands of law enforcement. Kentucky resident Breonna Taylor was fatally shot by police officers not once but eight times when officers “mistakenly” entered her home in…
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Trump’s COVID-19 death toll goal posts are now at ‘over 100,000 perhaps’

The coronavirus fatality goal posts are moving again. “We’re gonna lose over 100,000 perhaps,” Donald Trump said on Fox News, still trying to make that look good by citing the worst-case, if-we’d-done-nothing scenario of a possible 2.2 million dead,…
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