DDP Yoga Day 21

Another day off as I prepare for the last week of the initial phase of training. I feel the difference in myself, and I’m looking forward to starting the last week of this initial phase, although not necessarily to Monday.

GA-Sen A: Georgia’s Other Corrupt Stock Dumping Senator Is Trying To Cover His Ass

Nothing to see here: U.S. Sen. David Perdue, after seeing his portfolio scrutinized and criticized, says his advisers will no longer trade stocks in individual companies. The Friday evening announcement coincided with the filing of a report that…
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Three Minnesota teens arrested for kicking Asian woman after viral video identifies suspects

Crimes against Asian Americans continue to rise in the U.S. amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. Many Asian Americans fear not only contracting COVID-19 but being subject to hate crimes when leaving their homes for necessary items, CNN reported. Within…
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Donald Trump is ‘glum’ because 80,000 dead Americans is cutting into his own popularity

In important weekend news, we learn that Trump is sad because it turns out killing 80,000 Americans (and counting) through rank incompetence is making him, personally, less popular. Oh, and that Republicans are worried that killing off their own…
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Sunday night owls: While megacorporations get megabailouts, burden of pandemic falls on the poor

Night Owls, a themed open thread, appears at Daily Kos seven days a week The Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis at Inequality.org writes— Poor People’s Campaign: We Refuse to Allow Politicians and Big …
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