The picture just doesn’t feel right without the Lucy and Charlie Brown figurine, but hopefully it can be replaced soon. I’m grateful for the years I had that figurine, and I’m glad that Stevie Nicks is with us, even after she knocked the figurine off the counter and broke it.

I’m grateful for the Instant Pot. Hal and I just finished a wonderful dinner of roast beef with potatoes and onions, served with baked beans and corn as side dishes. I’m grateful for the salads that Hal prepared for us because they were also delicious.

I’m grateful for Jax The Cat, even though I had to spray him with the water bottle for attempting to get on the table as dinner was being served. He’s actually a very good boy.

I’m grateful for Hal The Cat because he stayed quiet and didn’t cause any trouble during dinner. Hal The Cat is also very special and we love him.

What are you grateful for? Whatever it is, please remember to Be Kind to One Another.

DDP Yoga Day 18

Mission accomplished, at least for this morning. Even though today was a scheduled off day, I wanted to continue with my workouts so I did the session immediately after waking up this morning. Unless something happens to stop me, I plan to do the workout again immediately after work. I feel awesome and I slept better last night. My sinuses are also clearing up, and that helps tremendously.
I am going to work out twice a day for a while because I think that I am up to the task. I have one more week with the basic course before moving on to the next set of exercises. I am glad that I started at the beginning so I was able to get my mind in the right place to keep moving forward. Mental attitude is very important with something like a workout routine, and DDP Yoga is no different.