COVID-19 news: Federal officials expect new wave of pandemic deaths as some states ‘reopen’

While the COVID-19 pandemic is slowing, finally, in New York City, pandemic numbers continue to rise elsewhere across the country as new infections are reported at a rate of 25,000 a day. Even though New York City is bringing the pandemic under…
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False Confidence

As a wonderful and inspiring day winds down here, I found myself thinking about dipping my digital toes back into the social media pool. I have these feelings from time to time and I always find the willpower to resist. Today, thankfully, was no exception.

I deliberately ended my social media presence a long time ago because things got out of control. The attacks that came from people I never interacted with were just too damn annoying. The whole experience turned into a swamp of negativity. While the temptation might arise every now and then, I just no longer want to deal with fake people.

Just A Thought

A headline stated (not exactly verbatim, because the media are chicken shits) that “Dumbshit Orange Nazi claims there will be more deaths, but US must re-open”.

My response: “You first MOTHERFUCKER. Fulfill your own prophecy, you sorry sack of shit.”

DDP Yoga Day 17 part 2

I feel incredible right now. After work there were things to do, as is always the case. I had to delay my workout session for about 2 hours while we took care of things here.

When I finally started the workout, I put as much effort and energy into it as I could find. By the time I was finished, a feeling of pride and accomplishment was all I could feel.

I felt terribly guilty this morning, but I needed the rest. Tomorrow is supposed to be a day off, but I believe I will make every effort to work out before and after work from now on.

Unhinged lockdown protester in Colorado attracts FBI’s interest, so they find a cache of pipe bombs

Followers of my the Dumbshit Orange Nazi act like they always do

As if men brandishing weapons at legislators, health care workers, and police officers weren’t enough, the unhinged nature of the people drawn to—and organizing—the recent spate of anti-lockdown protests is perhaps embodied in the person of 53-year-old…
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