DDP Yoga Day 15

I felt like crap this morning because i had a mostly sleepless night due to low blood glucose and sinus pressure and headaches. I called in sick for work and then I went back to bed for a while.

Later in the morning, Hal and I went to the grocery store/pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. Afterwards I went to GNC and bought some Eucalyptus oil for my humidifier and then we came home.

I collapsed on the sofa and slept for awhile. After that, I resolved that today was NOT going to be the day that I skipped my workout! I managed to clear my nose well enough to breathe and I made it through my workout. Immediately afterward, I took a. Ice hot shower and felt much better for several hours.

Now, in the late afternoon, I want to rest and relax without the burden of guilt that would have descended on me if I had missed my workout.

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