Trump and Republicans never miss an opportunity to help the top 1%, not even during a pandemic

Which of the following statements do you think are true?

1) Republicans used the massive coronavirus relief package passed in late March (the CARES Act ) to slip, at the last minute, more than $…
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DDP Yoga Day 13 – Back In the Saddle

Since today was Saturday, I had time to catch up on everything, including my DDP Yoga workout. It felt fantastic to get back into the routine again. I’m halfway through the first phase, and I can tell a difference already. I just have to maintain my approach, or start to increase it more rapidly.

Here’s to feeling better!

A Quick Trip For Necessities

There’s nothing like a trip to the grocery store nowadays. From the morons who cannot follow the directional arrows to control traffic flow, to the people who refuse to use face masks to protect themselves as well as others , to the enforced 6-foot markings at the checkout line, there Is always some misadventure going on.

Luckily, we made it out and avoided as much trouble as we could.


I wish I could have my sinuses surgically removed. There, I said it. I am so tired of going through boxes of Kleenex (when I can find them) and pushing out what seems like tons of drainage only to have my sinuses fill back up immediately.

I am tired of sneezing. At least I’m at home, because if I have one of those trifecta sneezing fits I would choke on the crap caught in my face mask. Not to mention everyone around me would demand that I be sent to solitary confinement because this simply must be more than allergies and sinus congestion.

A nice steady day-long rain would help wash away most of the damn pollen that is causing my discomfort. Unfortunately, we haven’t had that type of soaking rain in weeks, just light showers.

Each year my allergies get worse. I would go to the doctor, but the timing of our move and the Coronavirus pandemic mean that I haven’t found a new doctor yet and the last place I want to go to right now is a place full of sick people.

The Neto pot will have to work overtime for a while longer. Eventually things will get better.