Chicken Souvlaki For The Soul

After a long day at work, and then celebrating our new water heater that was finally installed in the apartment, I decided that a small celebration was in order. We ordered from a pizza place we hadn’t tried yet after I noticed they also served Greek food.

We got chicken souvlaki platters and brought them home. Each meal included a small Greek salad and fries. Thankfully everything was delicious. I predict that when things return to almost normal we will have dinner AT the restaurant. Here’s to better days ahead.

DDP Yoga Day 12

I hope to get back on track today with DDP Yoga. The water heater was replaced this morning after three days of not having hot water in the apartment, I can finally take a nice long hot shower and feel human again after work. Once all that is behind me, I want to get back to my workout and make up for any that I might have missed.

Another Day Without Hot Water

Normally, Friday is a cause for celebration simply because it is Friday. This week has been different because the water heater in the apartment stopped working on Tuesday. We still have no hot water, but allegedly the new water heater will arrive today. At this point, if it does, it will be a Pyrrhic victory. We have to go to a vacant apartment to take our showers or to wash dishes or do laundry. Not ideal conditions to say the least.

Much to our surprise, the maintenance people showed up on time this morning with a brand-new water heater to install. With luck, things will almost be back to normal by lunchtime, although we’re not sure yet how long it will take the water to heat up. I am looking forward to a nice HOT shower this afternoon. Once that is done I can then get my DDP Yoga workout done for the day and be back on track.