Decisions Made

This morning, several decisions were made. These choices all had to do with priorities, and what was more important than others on the list. Sometimes, these choices are very difficult and it seems like there is no good answer. Those are the toughest decisions to make.

The first decision was to purchase a good air purifier. My sinuses aren’t improving well age, and the headaches and sneezing are wearing me out. I decided to get a Dyson because every air purifier that looked like more than cheap plastic was going to cost a lot anyway. I figured that it was best to go with a brand name that is widely respected.

That decision made my next choice very easy. I had been toying with the idea of buying a new guitar. Obviously, that won’t be happening now that I already spent the money for the air purifier. I also decided that the remainder of my list was going to be put away and dealt with at another time. One major purchase is enough.

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