Don’t Panic

There are days when I just want to crawl back into bed and forget the world even exists. Today is one of those days, my outlook changed quickly after starting work this morning. The sunshine in my mind was replaced by gray gloom and a feeling of blah.

Actually, I know that this really started late yesterday right as I was trying to sign off from work for the day. My supervisor called me from California, where it is three hours earlier, and wanted me to take care of something “right away”. I know the ton in her voice so I had to stop my own plans for after work and start working on what she wanted. The part that pissed me off as I did the work was that at no point did she apologize for keeping me late, nor did she offer me come comp time on Friday to make up for the hassle.
Things like that really piss me off, and unfortunately, I let it get to me. The results of the effort from yesterday were good, but there was no mention of my efforts. This set me into the downward spiral since I was already battling a headache this morning. 
Don’t panic might have worked well for Arthur Dent, but right now it isn’t doing me any good.

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