Don’t Panic

There are days when I just want to crawl back into bed and forget the world even exists. Today is one of those days, my outlook changed quickly after starting work this morning. The sunshine in my mind was replaced by gray gloom and a feeling of blah.

Actually, I know that this really started late yesterday right as I was trying to sign off from work for the day. My supervisor called me from California, where it is three hours earlier, and wanted me to take care of something “right away”. I know the ton in her voice so I had to stop my own plans for after work and start working on what she wanted. The part that pissed me off as I did the work was that at no point did she apologize for keeping me late, nor did she offer me come comp time on Friday to make up for the hassle.
Things like that really piss me off, and unfortunately, I let it get to me. The results of the effort from yesterday were good, but there was no mention of my efforts. This set me into the downward spiral since I was already battling a headache this morning. 
Don’t panic might have worked well for Arthur Dent, but right now it isn’t doing me any good.

DDP Yoga Day 4 – A Day Off

Today marks the 4th day of my DDP Yoga journey. According to the workout plan, today is also my first day off. I took the time this morning to sleep in for 30 minutes before hitting the shower. I wrote yesterday about not expecting too much too fast, and that remains true today. I will take this journey one step, one day, at a time and see where I end up.
I know already that one thing I will have to stop thinking about is my weight. I know instinctively that as I get into better shape that my weight will stop going down because muscle weighs more than fat. I find it impossible to achieve both weight loss and getting stronger at the same time. Therefore I am tracking my weight, but not stressing over it, especially this early in the program.
I am more interested in feeling stronger and healthier. I want to take long walks without having to stop for a break. I want to feel better in the morning when I wake up. I want to modify my body to alleviate aches and pains that are part of getting older. I want to feel less neck pain each day and to have less pain in my shoulders.
All of these goals are what I hope to achieve during thie journey and I hope that DDP Yoga will help me get there and have some fun along the way.

My Buddy

It’s nearly 0300 and I’m recovering from a hypoglycemia episode that started about 30 minutes ago. I was woken up by my buddy, Hal The Cat. He has a habit of waking me up when my blood glucose drops. I’ve read that cats can smell when that happens, and with my emergency buddy Hal The Cat around I believe it.

Honestly, I cannot count the number of times that Hal The Cat has woken me up and then I realize that my blood glucose was very low and dropping.

Hal The Cat just moved and stretched next to me, telling me that everything will be ok, and that it’s time to get back to sleep.