DDPY Day 2

I woke up this morning and was inspired to begin day 2 of the DDP Yoga plan. I was surprised that the workout was a repeat of yesterday, but I did elect to start slowly. I repeated the exercises from yesterday and I suppose I was able to increase my mobility to some small degree. I am not disappointed with the morning workout session, just a bit surprised.
Once again, I felt the difference wen I was in the shower and stretched to clean myself off. The sensation wasn’t as noticeable this morning, and I attribute that to the gentle degree of stretching that I did yesterday. I believe that I will repeat the same set of exercises tomorrow morning and then I will move on to the next set. I realize that this is a long-term process and I cannot be impatient if I want this to work for me.
I will continue the recommended workouts tomorrow. Until then, Be Kind to one another…..

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