Another Decision Made

As life settles into its new routine here at our new apartment, I have begun to think about the things I said that I was going to take care of once the move was over. One item on the list is a guitar upgrade. I have been holding back for some time now, but I am almost ready to take the plunge. I predict that by the end of summer I will have a new guitar.

I thought about a Fender Player Strat. An excellent guitar and one that sounds awesome. I like the price, but there is something about it that keeps me from making that final decision.

The guitar that I have decided upon is the Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24. There are two stunning versions of this guitar and my choice is down to these two versions

Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 Left Handed Trampas Green – Bay Tunes ...
PRS SE Custom 24 Left-Handed - Charcoal Burst | Sweetwater

The Trampas Green is absolutely beautiful, I have seen one in person, but the Charcoal Burst version is also a treasure to look at. These guitars sound awesome and they are so comfortable to hold, they just feel perfect to me.

DDPY Day 2

I woke up this morning and was inspired to begin day 2 of the DDP Yoga plan. I was surprised that the workout was a repeat of yesterday, but I did elect to start slowly. I repeated the exercises from yesterday and I suppose I was able to increase my mobility to some small degree. I am not disappointed with the morning workout session, just a bit surprised.
Once again, I felt the difference wen I was in the shower and stretched to clean myself off. The sensation wasn’t as noticeable this morning, and I attribute that to the gentle degree of stretching that I did yesterday. I believe that I will repeat the same set of exercises tomorrow morning and then I will move on to the next set. I realize that this is a long-term process and I cannot be impatient if I want this to work for me.
I will continue the recommended workouts tomorrow. Until then, Be Kind to one another…..