The Change Is Starting

I am taking a big chance with this blog post. After writing “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes” yesterday I knew that I had put myself on notice that there would be no turning back. This morning the Change began.

I started the DDP Yoga exercises this morning. I deliberately chose to start at the lowest level because I am out of shape and I do not want to start this program only to get discouraged and quit like I have with so many other attempts to get in shape over the last 20 years.
I truly want this program to work. The first thing that I had to do was to wake up this morning and just start the first exercise set. I initially felt the pangs of hesitation when I shook the sleep out of my eyes. There was that inner voice that kept trying to tell me that I was too tired, and that I could always start the program tomorrow without hurting my motivation. If I listened to that voice again, everything I wrote about would have been wasted.
I got myself up and moving and then started the first course. This could be done in bed and involved some deep breathing and stretches. The exercises were not that difficult, and I took this as a good sign about my decision to start slowly. The workout lasted approximately 22 minutes and then I headed for the shower.
When I got the hot water running over my body, I began to feel the twinges from the workout. Nothing major, and nothing unpleasant, just a reminder from parts of my body that have been neglected for far too long that they are still here. It was almost like a Thank You from those muscles for remembering them.
I am writing this to maintain my motivation. I will add to it each day to keep myself focused on what is important, and that is getting my life back and getting myself into shape.