Roller Coaster

I’m awake in the middle of the night once again. It isn’t insomnia that affects me right now, it’s the roller coaster of blood glucose thrill ride that I’m on that is the problem.

Before bedtime I measured my blood glucose and took the appropriate amount of medicine to stabilize myself for overnight. And yet, here I am about 5 hours later, awake after low blood glucose levels jarred me out of my sleep. Hal The Cat and his brother Jax The Cat helped to wake me up. I am certain that they notice a change in me when my blood glucose level goes too low, possibly something they can smell. At any rate, I’m glad they’re with me.

Being awake like this gives me a chance to write as I take glucose tablets to get my blood glucose levels back to normal. The tough part will be going back to sleep because I’m always wary about suffering another low blood glucose episode tonight. The fact that it almost never happens two times in one night never seems to calm that fear.

It’s time to publish this and try going back to sleep. Wish me luck, and……

Be Kind

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