Always Remember To Be Kind To One Another

There are few things in life as important as being kind to one another. Performing simple decent acts of kindness to someone without worrying about a reward is the greatest reward you can earn. Imagine how you feel when someone is kind to you and then dedicate a portion of your time to making someone else feel that way as a result of your action.

The world is a fucked up place now, more than ever before when we think about it. That is no reason to stop being kind to one another, in fact it makes kindness more important than ever. There are so many people who are just a fraction of an inch from losing their damn minds and losing control of their emotions, they make the world an even more dangerous place. Every day we hear about some new atrocity or horrific act of violence.

Our society is geared to pour money and resources into new and more lethal ways to hurt others, rather than finding new ways to coexist and to be kind to each other. The zero-sum mentality is deeply flawed and following it only leads to more violence. There has to be a better way.

Smile at someone. Speak first. Offer to help. Show some kindness and feel the karma change around you.