Things I’m Grateful For

For some strange reason, I was actually almost missing the days when I was on Twitter. I know, I’ve railed against the boring predictability of social media over and over, but for some weird reason, there I was feeling like I was missing something. The feeling eventually passed, and a nice relaxing shower took my mind off of the subject.

I know that I won’t go back to Twitter, just like I’ll never go back to FaceBook. This blog is my outlet to the world now, and the peace I’ve found away from the incessant arguing and flaming, and sniping is priceless. I decided that I would blow past 144 characters and write about the things I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful for Hal and The Stooges being part of my life for more than 20 years. I’m grateful for our home. I’m grateful for my love of cooking, and for my Instant Pot because it makes cooking even easier. I’m grateful for the spaghetti dinner I made for us this evening.

I’m grateful for this salad with bits of walnuts and raisins and apple that we had with the spaghetti. I’m grateful for the wonderful wine that made dinner special.

I’m grateful for my love of writing. I’m grateful for my decision to leave Twitter and Facebook years ago. I’m grateful for this blog. I’m grateful for those who read these words. I’m grateful that I can maintain the perspective to wish that everyone should be kind to everyone else.

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