Gray and Green

Sometimes inspiration comes in a flash. I thought about the combination of colors when I looked at some of out plants this morning. All of a sudden, I was struck by the simple beauty produced by the perfectly normal combination of gray and green. These are two colors that we normally don’t think of as going together well, but I think that these pictures prove otherwise.

The light is one of the key factors that makes this combination so beautiful to me. Whether you see this from the side which produces a darker appearance, or from head on with the gray light streaming in through the window, the effects are striking. While everyone lives the blue sky with green plants pictures, we all know that there are gray days that have to be endured as well, so why not try to find the beauty that is inherent in all things?

Eventually, the sun will come back out, or night will arrive and another day will start tomorrow. Either way, there is beauty to be seen and enjoyed.

Be safe, and be Kind to each other

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