Life Goes On

Life goes on. That is the theme for this blog post. We completed our move, and we love the new place. It is peaceful and quiet out here, even more so than our last apartment. For starters, there are no planes flying overhead as they line up to land. That was a constant noise at the last place.

Peace and quiet is good. Life Goes On.

Forced Behavioral Change

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us. In varying ways, we have been adjusting to this new “normal” as best we can.

The practice of going out just to be out has vanished from our lives. The places we would go are closed. Restaurants offer drive-thru or carry out options only. Grocery stores constantly remind us to practice social distancing. So many people have a look of either fear or resignation in their eyes. Spontaneity and joy have vanished.

People are now wearing masks. I predict that this trend will continue for a long time. Personal hygiene is now everyone’s business, for good reasons, but still a big change.

The trips to the grocery store to stock up our pantry is our only exposure to the phenomenon of mask-wearing. It seems that almost everyone is taking the advice seriously about wearing a mask when out in public.