New Place To Live, Same Fucked-Up World

Moving is never easy, no matter how many times you’ve moved, things always go wrong. Always the little things like where did I put that thing I want to find right away? Hal and I have been chopping our way through the jungle of boxes since Thursday and the place is really looking good now. At least we can say that about the rooms we’ve focused our attention on.

The next battle will be the closest. Always overlooked, but we don’t want to put boxes in there and never see them again until our next move, whenever that will be. We are going to sift through every box and every cable. Everything will either have a home with us, or it will have a home in the dumpster. There’s no middle ground or compromise anymore.

We love the new place, but it takes some getting used to. The one unpleasant constant is the fucked-up situation in the world right now. It’s difficult to strictly observe the “keep your ass at home” policy when we have to stock the pantry and the refrigerator after the move. We do have a great store not too far from here, but the same old problems persist. “Who in the ever loving FUCK bought all the GODDAMN toilet paper?” Luckily, Hal and I each bought our regular bi-monthly package of 20 rolls almost a month ago before the TP mysteriously vanished.

Hal and also bought matching neck gaiters from a local sporting good store to comply with the any mask is better than none requirement from the CDC. Even those items are becoming scarce now. I ordered a few more, but it will be nearly a month before they arrive. Strangely, I won’t be surprised if people continue wearing them for a long time.

Better than nothing as protection against droplets.

Breathing through a gaiter definitely takes some getting used to. We’re washing them every day to keep them as clean as possible. We wear these to the grocery store, we’ll, at least when we’re inside.

Another item I purchased before the move was cleaning supplies from BlueLand.

I like the idea that these don’t contain any harsh chemicals and that the refill tablets mixed with water save waste by reusing the bottle as well. The hand soap works very well and the multi-purpose cleaner is outstanding. The refill tablets are only $2 and that’s much cheaper than buying a new bottle of the harsh chemicals.

The last several days have been exhausting and exciting at the same time. As things get more organized and under control, I hope to be writing more.