DDP Yoga Day 11 No Hot Water

One of the advantages of renting vs buying is when something major happens. The water heater in the apartment stopped working yesterday. We have no hot water. Ordinarily, this would suck, and it still does, but we have been given the keys to a vacat apartment where we can shower while we wait for the replacement water heater to be delivered. Best of all, this doesn’t cost us a thing!

The bad news is that I am in a foul mood and the new water heater won’t be installed until Friday, at the earliest. The funk I’m in has kept me from my DDP Yoga for the day. I just can’t deal with sweating right now and then going to a vacant apartment just to get a shower.

DDP Yoga Day 10

I got my workout in this morning and I noticed that I can stretch more comfortably than I could when I started this journey. This is the type of small milestone that makes the whole thing worthwhile for me. There was never going to be some massive shift in my condition, these things take time. I just have to make sure that I allocate the time and use it properly to work towards my goal.
There is no victory to declare, just the knowledge that what I have started is an ongoing process that I have control over. There are very few limits to what I can accomplish if I maintain the discipline and keep up the workouts and continue to step up my game.