The Last Few Hours Before Time Off And The Move

I want to finish this afternoon at work. Accomplishing that will mean that the workday is over with, and that the next thing we will have to worry about will be picking up the U-Haul van in the morning and then we will pack it up with some of the valuable items and drive to the new apartment, where we will pick up the keys ad drop off the checks. The office at the new apartment complex is open but closed to everyone other than staff. The keys will be left in the new apartment.

Once we unpack the van, we will grab lunch somewhere and then head back here to rest up and get ready for the movers to arrive on Thursday morning. At least that is the plan right now. If something happens and the movers decide that they won’t show up, we will be extremely pissed, to say the least. So far, everything is still a go for Thursday. I hope that Hal (person) will verify things with the movers sometime before Thursday morning.

One thing that I have to take care of soon is transferring my prescriptions to the pharmacy close to the new apartment but I have enough to get me through the next several days so there isn’t an emergency rush. The pharmacy is at the grocery store that we will be using most of the time anyway, and we’ll have ton stock up on things once the move is over anyway.

I am taking eight working days off. I might go back early since things will not be that different due to the Coronavirus situation, although the time off will be welcome under any condition. I have needed a break for a long time but was saving up time for the move. I will relish the quiet time and the extra rest regardless what happens.

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