Religion, No Thanks

A question from my blogging topic list recently included the idea to write about whether I believe in God. Here it goes.

I used to believe in God. I was never forced to go to church, and nothing was ever forced upon me at home. I was taught the tenets of faith and then left to my own devices to see if it worked for me. I came to the conclusion that it didn’t do a thing to make me feel any better.

I didn’t wake up one morning and decide that there was no god. It happened gradually as I entered my college years. I tried to cling to religion one time after that, but my heart wasn’t really in it. I found that the more I saw, the less that god played any noticeable role. The easy excuse is that god shouldn’t allow suffering like we see everywhere. No god is the logical answer for the suffering that we see.

Religion is used more to separate people than to unite them. Each church is its own power sect that wants to maintain control over its own members and to recruit new members. The ridicule that an Atheist faces from the faithful is another example of the unpleasant nature of religion and god. I am not a fool because I don’t believe in god. I have no issue with someone who does believe provided that they also respect my beliefs and existence as they demand that I respect theirs.

Sadly, the number of tolerant christians seems to be shrinking every day. Religion has become a political weapon and god is the nuke in the room. When politicians pander to religion and god while they dirty their hands with money and corruption, it proves to me that there is no god because there is no consequence from that god for so blatantly disobeying the rules that the faithful are supposed to live by.

Ascribing everything to god’s will is the most revolting excuse for inaction that I have ever heard. When someone makes a mistake, they claim that god forgives them, but when another person makes a mistake those same people show up with a wagon full of stones to cast.

Religion and god are nothing but a MINDFUCK.

The Waiting

For those of you old enough to remember, one of Tom Petty’s first big hits was a song called “The Waiting” released back in 1981. It seems like more than a lifetime ago, but I was still in high school at the time. It seemed that life took forever as I waited to finally finish high school and go on to college. Where did all that time go?

Now I find myself waiting once again. The move is still on for Thursday. Hal and I are going to pick up the keys to the new apartment on Wednesday. Tomorrow is the last day I will work this week. All of these things in the near future, yet I am still waiting for them to happen.