Hal (person) and I continue to do very well during the Coronavirus pandemic. We are happy and safe here at home with The Stooges (Hal The Cat, Jax The Cat, and Stevie Nicks). We have plenty of food to get us through these times and we continue to pack in anticipation of our move to the new apartment early next month unless things get really bad and we cannot move as scheduled.

We do make trips to the grocery store as needed. I will consider myself lucky if we can find pork chops on our next visit. I will cook them in some cream of mushroom soup with either broccoli or asparagus in the Instant Pot and serve with some potatoes. There is no reason that we cannot eat well while we are spending more time at home.


Gossip is often harmful to people. Gossip is a waste of time. I don’t take part in gossip. I have been the subject of gossip, and I don’t appreciate it, but I don’t lose any sleep over it.