With My Extended Family, I’m Already Well-Versed In Social Distancing And Social Isolation

The other day I wrote about social distancing and social isolation. I didn’t intend to write about it again so soon, but earlier today I felt the need to reach out to my cousin to see how she and her family were doing with all the coronavirus shit going down. When I pulled up the Messages app on my iPhone and started to compose my message, I noticed that it has been nearly a month since I last texted her. At that time I asked about her and her family, but particularly about her Dad who is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

With that initial gap just between my attempting to reach her without success established, I then looked further back and discovered that she hasn’t contacted me in over 6 months. I realized that I was wasting my time by attempting to contact her. Why bother?

I now see that when it comes to social distancing and social isolation, that I’m already well-equipped to deal with it thanks to my extended family.

The New Reality?

Less than 24 hours after a “National Emergency” was declared by someone who themself constitutes a National Emergency all by himself.

Hal and I went to the grocery store around lunchtime and saw the following

The first few images are the meats section, and the last was from the pasta aisle. Is this the “New Reality” that we’ll have to deal with for the short-term future at the very least?

Ways To Ruin A Weekend

Normally, the very idea that a weekend could be anything but wonderful would be absurd to me. I love weekends and the time to rest and enjoy myself.

Now, I’m planning my weekend around a trip to the pharmacy and grocery store and then coming back home to find things to do that won’t involve watching any canceled sporting events such as March a Madness.