The Real March Madness Begins

A State of Emergency has been declared by president Dumbshit, which is ironic when we consider that every second he has been in office represents a National Emergency. Now we’ll start to see what happens to everyday life on a national scale. Because this is something that we’ve never encountered before, no one can accurately predict what will happen next.

I finished work just as Dumbshit made his announcement, I refuse to actually watch or listen to him. I’ll find out about the relevant points later. Besides, I had to take Hal (person) to the vet so Hal The Cat and Stevie Nicks could get their shots to have them up to date when we move. I’m sitting in the car waiting because I’m in one of the high-risk groups (diabetic) and I want to avoid enclosed spaces where people might be sick.

I did go to get my new glasses adjusted for the first time while waiting on Hal, but that took less than 5 minutes. Hal came back with both of the cats, and we returned home. We have no plans to go anywhere tonight, we’ll stay in and watch TV together and cuddle up on the couch. Knowing that we’ll be together gives me comfort.

Dinner was early. It was simple and delicious as we finished the spaghetti I made a few days ago. I got another package of ground beef from the freezer so I can make more spaghetti tomorrow. I hope that I can sleep well tonight and we’ll do our very best to enjoy the weekend.

When Does “Social Distancing” become “Social Isolation”?

The latest advice about avoiding the Coronavirus involves the new term “Social Distancing”, which is another way of saying to”‘keep your ass at home if you don’t feel well.” I don’t understand the need to invent a new catchphrase for this action, but I gave up trying to understand the media many years ago.

Some of the advice does make sense. I am diabetic and I know that affects my immune system to a degree. This makes me more vulnerable to something like the Coronavirus, although I hate to admit that I am just a mere mortal after all. Therefore, it makes sense for me to limit what I do and where I go while this virus is running rampant. Neither Hal not myself will be eating out for the foreseeable future because being in a closed environment is exactly what I need to avoid. The same goes for attending the movies. We can watch most things at home.

The real reason I started to write this post is because there are so many people who are already “Socially Distant” and live in an insular world. I fear that many of these people will withdraw even further from the outside and create “Social Isolation”. We all know someone like this, the people who seem to cringe at any social interaction on a face to face basis. Try starting a conversation with someone on a bus or train or in an elevator even without the Coronavirus threat, and see how many people will visibly shrink away. These are the people who are at risk for “social isolation” and they might never recover from this shock caused by the Coronavirus.

Is there anything that we can do? I would suggest using your phone to actually call someone and speak to them rather than email or text. If at all possible, get out when you can and meet with other people in a safe and responsible manner until the crisis has passed. After that, keep on fighting “social isolation”. The worst thing that can happen is that you will be rejected. This is something that happens to us all, perhaps you aren’t the right person to reach out to that individual. Perhaps that person is just an asshole that no one can reach. At least you will have tried, and your conscience will be at ease moving forward.