The Panic Begins

I went to bed early Wednesday night, after the news about March Madness and then the NBA. I am not surprised at either decision, to be honest. If anything I’m surprised that March Madness hasn’t been canceled already. The public health aspect of these decisions is undeniable. To eliminate large gatherings makes sense when we are dealing with something as potentially dangerous and indiscriminate as the Coronavirus.

I refused to watch the Orange Nazi speak last night, and I was glad to just review what he said, which was mostly bullshit designed to appeal to his base. “Foreign” virus and “Ban travel from Europe” are not the solutions to anything and fail to address his own criminal stupidity in dealing with the situation. The tipping point at which we could have gotten out in front of this has long past, we had to listen to conspiracy theories instead of facts. We had to listen to the media report on infoporn rather than facts. We are only just learning about the truly dangerous level of unpreparedness we are operating from due to the decisions that have been made by president dumbshit.

While the Corona virus is simply a virus that attacks any subject it can find, it certainly looks to have an appetite for those who are insanely stupid, such as the republiKKKans as witnessed by the spread of the virus at their Klan=bake known as CPAC a few weeks back.