Clinton, Biden, and Democrats – A New Example of Insanity

I want to preface this blog post by stating here and now that I am a proud Bernie Sanders supporter. I truly believe that he is the best candidate we have for POTUS.

The Democrats have been running scared of Bernie for over 4 years. It began during the 2016 election cycle, when the corporate democrats decided that somehow, in their opinion, that Hillary Clinton was more “electable” than Bernie Sanders. Obviously, this plan worked so well that the democrats are willing to try the same plan again with Joe Biden in 2020.

Let me explain what I mean. In 2016, the democrats pushed Hillary Clinton even though she was pure poison to a large segment of the electorate. There was no way that they would ever vote for her. The republiKKKans enforced this message with endless “investigations” into Hillary Clinton and her email server. Millions of taxpayer dollars were WASTED to do nothing more than keep dragging Hillary Clinton’s name through the mud and make certain that the RWNJ lunatics out there would vote for whomever the republiKKKans nominated.

The argument that Hillary won the popular vote is nice, but since the popular vote doesn’t matter (let that one sink in), the argument is futile.

The democrats think that trying the same tactic again will produce different results. They are pushing Joe Biden. The republiKKKans are already lining up “investigations” about Joe Biden and his son for no other reason than to keep dragging Biden’s name through the mud all through the campaign, but the democrats want him anyway. The democrats are pushing another candidate that the RWNJ base has been trained Pavlovian-style to vote against.

The democrats are winning elections for the republiKKKans! No wonder we have an Orange NAZI in the White House!

Journal – What I am Proud Of

I was stumped this morning and struggling to find a topic to write about when I decided to open up my handy

I can always find an inspiration from this book by just randomly going to a page. The topic for today is “What is the Accomplishment I am most proud of?” That is a very easy question for me to answer, but it does deserve some background. After all, this blog is to allow me to explore my desire to write after all.

I grew up an only child, other than my parents there was not a real extended family that was worth wasting time on because the majority were money-grubbing bitches and bastards. Those who weren’t were status-conscious material possession hogs who wanted everyone else to know how well off they were. Mom and Dad taught me about being happy regardless of family or possessions, that inner peace was the key to a good life.

Because my parents were Liberals, there wasn’t much in common I had with the kids I grew up with. I was always the “weird” kid with strange ideas that no one else understood. I wasn’t unhappy at all, I honestly felt badly about my friends who never understood the wonderful keys to life that my parents had given to me.

From an early age, I remember my parents telling me that I should resist the temptation to remain in the small town after I finished high school. In fact, they did their best to provide me a chance to go to college. I was able to get into the outside world and explore new places and new people. Although this was a limited trip to the outside world (Lexington, KY) it seemed that I had moved to New York or Los Angeles. I made new friends and found a few more people who understood life the way I did, although most still remained very traditional in their outlook on life.

I made it through college and then faced the decision about what to do with my life. I wanted to see the world, but since I wasn’t independently wealthy I decided to join the US Navy. Although I had a degree, I chose the enlisted route because my Dad had done the same thing many years before me, although he had been in the Army. I was able to see the world, and I also found that the military had many good traits, but that the structure was too rigid and formalized for me to feel comfortable.

I had never had any real luck in the relationship department. I suppose that my understanding nature drew the wrong types of women to me. Nothing else could possibly explain some of the psychos I dealt with through my late teens into my early 30s. These volatile personalities made long term relationships impossible.

Eventually, as I left the Navy I felt like taking a chance. I started dating men and found that I was much more comfortable. I didn’t have to compromise my inner beliefs and I found more manure than roses for several years, just like with women. Eventually I determined that most gay men were more honest, although not necessarily more trustworthy than women. What I mean by that is that most gay men are upfront about what they are after, there are fewer lies about long-term relationship goals. Just a personal observation.

I would still be in the single gay realm until I met Hal. I was about to turn 36 and I was tired of seeking anything stable or permanent in my life when it came to relationships or romance. Hal changed all that. We just celebrated 20 years together and we have been happy every single day with each other.

We have had arguments, but we have never let them linger overnight. We always talk things out when something bothers us or we are upset. Relationships are hard work, no doubt about it, but I am damn proud of the relationship that Hal and I have. In fact, this relationship is the thing that I am the most proud of in my entire life.

And there you have my first blog post of the day 🙂