Facing Wednesday

The day seems out of sync already, and it is just after 0700 in the morning. For the first time in ages, I slept like a rock last night and didn’t wake up with hypoglycemia in the middle of the night. I woke up just before my alarm went off, knowing that today will be a busy, but not hectic day at work. I took a nice shower to make myself feel refreshed and to start the day.

It doesn’t help that Kentucky blew a 17-point lead at home last night and lost to Tennessee. I was really annoyed with myself for staying up late just to see the end of that game. I don’t believe that really affected me much, because I did sleep so well last night. So, I am left wondering just what is happening to me this morning? The weather is supposed to be delightful once again, I hope to enjoy it some after work this afternoon.

Disappointment, but not Surprise

I was reading some of my favorite bloggers latest posts this morning when I came across one that disappointed me. Not surprised, but just really let me down. This blogger is a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat and hates trump as much as I do. Where we disagree, apparently, is with whom we would choose to have as the alternative candidate this November.

It turns out that while I am a Bernie Sanders supporter, this particular blogger I am talking about is most definitely not, and now has turned their support towards Joe Biden. Disagreement is an American tradition, but their manifesto about why Bernie was bad for the democratic party and for the country left little doubt that we have almost nothing other than hatred of trump in common.

The blogger posted almost every single article available that referred to Bernie as too extreme, too radical, not electable. All are valid points of view that I don’t agree with. Then they proceeded to smear all of Bernie’s supporters with the “BernieBro” label and started up with the ridiculous stories of how unreasonable Sanders supporters are.

Sanders has a passionate base of supporters, something that no other democratic candidate can claim. Throwing money and corporate media influence around does not equal passion. While there are some people in every political faction that cannot control themselves, the democrats seem to relish throwing all of Sanders’ supporters under the bus and then expecting blind obedience in November.

This trick failed in 2016 when the democrats anointed Shillary and she managed to lose to trump. Now they expect us to follow Biden over the same cliff? Oh, and of course, they will want me to send them MONEY for the privilege. FUCK NO!

I will not name the blogger because I don’t want a flame war or anything like that. I just decided to un-follow them in order to keep their hatred of what I hold dear from causing any further upset for me.