After making it through the workday somehow, I’m waiting for Hal at the local grocery store. We made a stop at Lowe’s to pick up some more boxes for the move in less than a month. My unconscious energy is ebbing fast, and that is why I pulled out my phone and started writing to stay alert and awake.

Allegedly, Hal will be done soon and we can go home. I’m sitting in front of the store like an old man while waiting. At least the Muzak system is playing “Overjoyed” by Stevie Wonder,

As I was writing that last sentence, some woman entered the grocery store and went to the customer service counter near where I was sitting. This nasty woman sneezed about 12 times in rapid succession before I walked around the back of the customer service desk to get out of the store before she could spread any more germs around. Thankfully, Hal came out at the same time and we headed home. I’m going to take a nice hot shower.

After that shower, I feel so much better. It’s time to think about dinner and relaxing before the big game tonight. Peace out, everyone.

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