Feeling Safe And Secure?

With all of the news, both factual and ridiculous, about the Coronavirus and how it is spreading, I have to wonder what it will take to make everyone feel safe and secure again?

I wish I could remember the name of a book I read many years ago that was loosely based on the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-1919. The book captured the feeling of fear and paranoia that seems so prevalent today. 40 years of Nazi RWNJ propaganda has already sowed the seeds of those feelings, and the Coronavirus just throws gasoline ontological the fire.

Every time we venture out, it seems that the fear becomes more palpable. There is no reason to be afraid, but the herd mentality kicks in, and it’s hard to fight off that feeling. I am more afraid of real things than imaginary ones. For that reason, I’m afraid that the Nazi in the White House is far too fucking stupid to deal with this situation. His presence puts our country at risk, and that really does scare me.

I hope that the answers to these questions are out there, and that we find them soon, before it’s too late.

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