Another Change

Every time I think that I’ve found a better way to blog, that method always goes wrong. After a time writing from Evernote through IFTTT, that method predictably crashed and burned last night. Rather than fight through the hassles, I will just write directly to WordPress, although I detest the interface.

The important thing is that I continue to write as long as I have the need to express myself. I can’t say that this blog will change the world, but it makes me feel better about myself and my own place in the world, so therefore it is worth the effort to me. As I wait for the last meeting of the day at work to begin, I am already trying to make plans for the late afternoon and evening. Most of those plans involve taking a nap, but perhaps I will find some reserve of untapped energy that will get me through the evening. I believe that once I lay down, all bets will be off and I will be in bed for the night. I don’t want that to happen to the extreme because Kentucky plays at 2100 this evening and I want to watch it here at home. GO BIG BLUE!!!

At any rate, I will keep writing in the WordPress app for now, as much as I dislike it. Perhaps another option will present itself to me, but will I want to go through the steps to implement??

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